Philips Avent Classic 9oz- 3pack


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Philips Avent 9-Ounce Classic+ Feeding Bottle

Help give your baby a full, happy tummy with the Philips Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle. Research and clinical trials have shown this bottle can reduce fussiness* and colic**, keeping your little one comfortable both during and after feedings. With the soft and flexible dual-hole Slow-Flow nipple, this bottle allows babies to feed at their own pace, like with breastfeeding. Leaks are controlled without a separate adapter ring, giving you fewer parts to assemble when preparing a bottle. And the bottle can adapt as your baby’s needs change, easily combining with other Classic+ nipples, bottles, and cups.

Product Highlights

  • Anti-colic system keeps air in bottle and out of baby’s tummy
  • Protects against leaks without a separate adapter ring
  • Baby feeds at own pace with soft and flexible Slow-Flow nipple
  • Wide bottle shape is easy to clean, fill, and hold
  • Ideal infants after first month or breastfed babies of all ages
  • Fits with other Classic+ bottles, cups, and nipples
  • Polypropylene bottle is BPA-free and BPS-free

Included in the Box

  • 3 Classic+ 9-ounce feeding bottles
  • 3 Classic+ Slow-Flow nipples
  • 3 Classic+ dome caps
Avent 9-Ounce Classic+ Feeding Bottle
Comfortable Flow
Bottle Design Keeps Baby Comfortable
Help your baby to a peaceful sleep and a belly full of milk instead of air with this Classic+ bottle. A valve built into the nipple keeps air out of your baby’s tummy, reducing colic, burping, spit-up, and gas. While your baby feeds, the anti-colic valve directs air into the bottle to prevent vacuum buildup. The valve shows it’s working with a gentle whistling sound and floating air bubbles. Air in the bottle, not baby’s tummy, means less fussing* and colic** for your little one.
Slow-Flow Nipple
Baby Feeds at Own Pace with Soft, Flexible Nipple
The Classic+ bottle’s double-hole Slow-Flow silicone nipple is ideal for babies that are older than one month, but it can be used by breastfed babies of any age. The flexible nipple lets your baby control how much liquid flows from the bottle. So just like with breastfeeding, babies feed at their own rate. This helps prevent overeating and spit-up. This 9-ounce bottle has clear measurement marks on its side to show you exactly how much your baby has eaten.


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