Baby Products That Parents Should Not Purchase

Baby Products That Parents Should Not Purchase

What are things to consider before buying baby products?

  1. Health hazards and safety precautions
  2. Practicality for you and your baby
  3. Durability of the product


Having a baby is very exciting because it is a milestone unmatched by any other. As a new parent you’ll have completely different priorities and a different lifestyle. You’ll soon find yourself prioritising shopping for your little one with most of the money you used to spend for yourself and for other loved ones.

Many baby products are needs rather than wants, as the baby will have different needs from what you probably already have in the house. There is no shortage of the cute and must-have products that will help you in caring for your baby.

You take one trip at the store and your nursery is suddenly full to the brim of baby products and acccessories. But do you really know what you’re buying? See these products below and decide whether or not you’ll buy them for your tyke.


Look out for health hazards and safety precautions

Parents are seen as paranoid, and you have good reason to be. Some seemingly ordinary products and baby accessories can be dangerous so make sure that the safety features are able to serve their purpose.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are pretty handy especially if you do not sleep in the same room as your child. Although this is a nifty device, sometimes it can do more harm than good. The cords of the monitor could strangle your baby and its wifi feature makes it vulnerable to hacking.

In one reported case, a mother heard a voice yelling at her baby to wake up and the hacker had total control of the camera movement around the room. Creepy, right?

Baby Slings

Moms want their baby as close to them whenever, wherever. Well, you can now thanks to a neat pouch with cloth material wrapped around you where the baby can lay inside.  Although this would make it easier on the parent’s arms, there is danger of multi-tasking so much that they forget to check up on the baby. It’s because of this that baby slings are known to sometimes cause suffocation and head injuries.

Crib Beddings and Sleep Positioners

Oftentimes these sleeping paraphernalias can be expensive since they come in super fancy material that the baby really couldn’t care less about. According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, sleep positioners have caused a injuries and fatalities in babies 2 years old or younger. They tend to get stuck in the material or lodged at the sides – this could lead to suffocation since they do not have the motor skills to free themselves yet.

Floor Seats

Floor Seats or Bumbo Seats had a safety concern issue in the past due to a large volume of babies getting injured while using them. Improper use can lead to babies falling backwards and landing on their heads.

Which is why it is explicitly advised that these seats should not be put on a high or elevated surface. Keep in mind that proper use of this seat should be combined with constant monitoring of your baby to reduce the risk of injuries.


Practicality for you and your baby

The never ending spur of products will make you ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”. Although some of them can pose a pretty convincing necessity label, often they are just doing it for show. Consider the value the product can deliver to you and make sure that it is cost-effective before grabbing hold of them.

Designer Clothes

Dressing your baby in fancy clothes is strictly for your enjoyment. Even without the designer label, it is impractical to buy too many expensive clothing for your child because he/she will outgrow them very quickly anyway. You can still splurge a little every now and then on clothing or find nice affordable baby clothes online!

Baby Colognes or Baby Perfumes

Babies smell good as they are. Why would you need these? You don’t!

Same thing with baby powder: these stuff contain chemicals that can be harmful to the baby. This may also bring complications like breathing problems. It is a waste of money because it serves no real purpose other than to overpower the natural scent of your baby. There are other products more worthy of buying such as skincare for baby, whom at such a young age will have sensitive skin!


Durability of the Product

These baby products and accessories can have a very short life span. Invest in only a few but high-quality toys or other products that you can eventually donate or have as keepsake for when your baby is all grown up. The durability also ensures that no parts can suddenly come off and become a choking hazard.


Key Takeaway

It is normal for parents and parents-to-be to hoard as much baby stuff as they can once they discover a little baby is growing inside the mother. Knowing what baby products aren’t really important will make you take a step back before shelling out money for it.