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Top Brands You Can Buy for Your Baby in a Philippine Online Store

When you have a baby, it would be normal for you to want the best for him/her. That includes their food, gears, clothes, and other baby-related objects. Sometimes, it could be a hassle for you to find the best baby products. Fortunately, there are numerous online stores for babies in the Philippines and can be accessed by everyone that has an internet connection.

Of course, when you shop for your baby, mediocre items just won’t exceed your standards. This is why you opt to buy the top baby product brands even if they entail a more expensive price point and, sometimes, limited availability. This is because as a parent, it is natural for you to feel that the products you provide for your baby are safe, comfortable, educational, and nourishing – to say the very least. For this reason, the top, expensive brands for baby products never go out of business because most parents still opt to pick the trusted and established brands.


The Problem of Baby Products

The Problem of Baby Products

Since having a baby is a common occurrence in the world, this entails a great future for companies that manufacture and distribute baby products. However, this means a whole lot of problems for both the companies and consumers.

The companies need to be more competitive in regards to getting their products known and trusted by the masses. Although the need for baby products entails a great future for baby product companies, it also brings about a fiercer and larger competition among them. Numerous companies enter the industry in hopes of making it big and establishing their brand as one of the top baby products in the world. This, then, has been carried over to the digital landscape because online stores for babies in the Philippines alone cannot be counted on two hands, so it gives consumers the dilemma of choosing the best possible baby product that they should buy.

For the consumers, as briefly mentioned above, it is common for them to experience a dilemma in buying products for their babies because more and more companies enter the baby product industry, and it causes a problem for the people that want to buy gears for their babies.

The industry is filled with so many varying, and sometimes similar, companies. This is why sifting through all those companies can be a hassle for the consumers. So, to help you, here are the top baby brands that you should know.

Do note that some of these are affordable while some of them are expensive. Hence, it is always best for you, as a parent, to know the best baby products out in the market just in case you catch these brands on sale or any other random place where you can possibly find these products. Always remember that knowledge can help you in the long run.

Without further ado, here are the top baby brands that you should take note of.


1. aden + anais


The primary goal of aden + anais is to bring the muslin fabric to the mainstream industry. This is a cotton that has breathability, a natural softness, and imperishability material that is hard to find in most fabrics that are commonly used in today’s baby products. The use of muslin in their products gives parents total assurance that they are doing everything that they can for their baby’s comfortability. They take pride in being able to achieve their popularity through the word-of-mouth of all their satisfied customers. The act of spreading the benefits of muslin is basically a testament to the capability of aden + anais’ to bring about comfort for both the babies that use their products and to the parents that buy the products.

In addition, aden + anais believes that parenthood is a huge blessing but is also a bit overwhelming at times. That is why they make it a point to make and distribute products that are versatile and beautiful at the same time. Their products can be used in a variety of ways – from swaddles, nursing covers, burp cloths, and much more. One thing is for sure, aden + anais can bring about efficiency in both time and energy.

Lastly, aden + anais advocates safety through their products. Each and every one of their products goes through a meticulous testing course that tests every area of the product before being released into the market. They strive to remove or replace any product that has any traces of harmful byproducts to ensure that their products to give babies the safest environment possible.


2. Fisher Price



This list wouldn’t be complete without including one of the oldest, most famous baby brands of all time. Fisher-Price is more than just a company that sells toys. Through the years, they have expanded their reach to more than just provide quality toys. They now reach out to the baby gears categories with a complete, quality, and affordable variety of products that their customers enjoy.

Their purpose was to make toys that “appeal to the imagination, that do something new and surprising and funny”. Over the years, through their introduction of baby gears, they expanded their reach to provide joy and to enrich the lives of their customers for generations to come.

Fisher-Price also prioritizes safety above all else. They have an entire team of engineers that ensure the quality and safety of each toy and baby gear that they release into the market. Their engineers work so closely with varying design groups to ensure that their products adhere to the U.S. safety regulations and international standards and to also meet the standards they have put among themselves because Fisher-Price’s tradition made sure to set an exceedingly high standard of quality and meeting consumer expectations. All of Fisher-Price’s products go through a rigorous amount of testing, so you, as the consumer, can be assured that the product that you have bought is safe.

Fisher-Price also puts an emphasis on their product’s purpose. Each and every product that they release has gone through numerous researches and development to ensure that the product teaches, captivates, encourages, and delights. The people that they consult are quirky, innocent, and most of all, the best option. Additionally, they consult children through their onsite Play Lab – a test in which Fisher-Price’s products are put to the test through playtime with the children.


3. Chicco


One of the leading baby products in the world, Chicco is regarded as one of the companies that have heightened the standard for baby products all around the world. Much like Fisher-Price, Chicco’s products go through a rigorous research process through their Happiness Laboratory where they test their products with the most important consumer, children. Simply put, Chicco is known around the world as having quality products at affordable prices.

Chicco’s intense passion for life drives them to create, distribute, and spread innovative, top-notch products that are designed to enhance their customer’s life through all the stages of their lives – from childhood to parenthood. If you did not know, Chicco has an Italian heritage. It is the place where they got their name, their dedication to innovation, creativity, quality, and their aesthetic inclination. Chicco’s headquarters is near Milan, the fashion capital of the world – which explains Chicco’s sense of style that is ultimately ahead of the world’s design trends and ideas. Their design team makes it a point to be up to date with all the latest design trends, be able to innovate in terms of comfort, quality, and style. They know that aside from functionality, the design is also important with your babies’ gears.

So, much like Fisher-Price, Chicco has their own laboratory that aims to research, innovate, and develop products that will make both parents and babies happy. This particular laboratory is called the “Happiness Laboratory” wherein leading experts in terms of your baby’s development, growth, and well-being are brought together to help revolutionize the products that your baby will use. From pediatricians to ergonomists, you can be assured that the products that Chicco puts out are top-notch. More on this matter, before Chicco releases their innovative products, they make sure to put it through rigorous testing with the most important customer they have – the parents and the babies. Simply put, all their products are parent and baby approved!

Additionally, Chicco’s extensive history on serving parents, babies, and any other people that need their products drives them to push further and develop state of the art products that make both babies and parents feel safe, secure, and most of all – happy. That is why one of Chicco’s mission is to extend beyond their reach in hopes of supporting, helping, and encouraging parents to become the best symbols of goodness for their children through their partnership with different philanthropic entities such as Mission Bambini, Jackson in Action Foundation, and GOOD+ Foundation.


4. Munchkin


Munchkin, as the name suggests, is a company that is dedicated to providing top of the line products for the smallest (and cutest) people in the world – babies. Munchkin found its start back in 1991 in Los Angeles, California. What set them apart from the rest of the baby products industry is that they have an oath to always think of the small things. Which is rather apt considering that their name refers to something small. Their attention to detail is what established their name as one of the foremost baby products manufacturer that embodied creativity and quirkiness.

They make it a point to develop products that are innovative, modern, creative, and credible for both the child and its parents. They want to bring comfort, stability, security, and efficiency in the lives of all parents in the world that try out their product and to make the parents learn that the small things matter. Munchkin, as a baby lifestyle brand, can be summarized in these words: passionate and creative. Their passion knows no bounds – they want to bring about products that serve their purpose while being able to do so much more. Their creativity fuels them. They come up with products that are loved all around the world because it is one of a kind – and parents, children, and sellers can all attest that they have not seen anything that might resemble Munchkin’s products because they’re just that unique. They only make products that are trusted and effective. That’s why they are able to reach out to more countries in a span of a few years.

Back to Munchkin’s 3 main points – innovative, modern, and credible. These three are what most parents look for when they hunt for the best baby lifestyle brands, which Munchkin is offering. They innovate to bring about a change in the parent’s lives – making it easier for them to take care of their babies while enjoying all the small things. They stay modern by incorporating a simple design while staying true to the creative aspect through the creation of a delightful experience between the baby and the product. They are credible because they are driven to produce products that are safe, secure, and, above all else, functional – without this promise to stay credible, Munchkin couldn’t have produced relevant, useful, and functional products that have satisfied parents and babies all around the world.


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