10 Philippine Baby Clothes You Must Have for Your Baby

10 Philippine Baby Clothes You Must Have for Your Baby

In the Philippines, baby clothes are one of the first things parents buy for their child. It seems that their undeniable cuteness just overpowers them! But no one could really blame them, especially since they only want the best for their baby. Other family members also cannot resist buying stuff for the newest and youngest member. They just couldn’t resist their chubby cheeks and heartwarming smiles.

Simply put, people are enamored with babies. For parents, they are just their sweet little bundle of joy. They will work hard to make sure their child are well taken care of and have everything they could ever ask for. These would include toys, baby accessories, and baby products their child would need in his/her growing up years. Although, some would say that shopping for baby clothes in the Philippines is more important above anything else. After all, they are not just an accessory to put your baby in, but protection from the cold, the heat, and anything else for that matter.

Admittedly, shopping for clothing items for your child could be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time parent. You might even end up with more than what you and your baby need if you are not careful. This is why you must familiarize yourself with the different items so you won’t go overboard; it’s fine that you want to give your kid everything, but there is such a thing as too much.

So, if you’re looking for some ideas for different kinds of baby clothes in the Philippines, then you’ve came at the right place. Just keep reading below for more information.



There are different kinds of shirts for you to choose from. You could choose the ones with short sleeves or the ones with long sleeves. If you could not decide which ones to get, you could always buy both kinds to give your baby a variety.

However, it would be best for you to consider factors, such as the months this clothing item will be worn. This is important because, for example, it won’t be quite appropriate to dress your child in long sleeves when it’s summertime. Your baby will end up sweating a lot, which might even lead to serious health issues. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to put short sleeves on your baby when the months are colder or when you are planning to take your baby traveling to cold places.




Hats should definitely be on your radar if ever you wish to keep your child safe from the heat (or the cold). The Philippines is known for its extreme changes in temperature, which contributes to the drastic changes in the weather, which is why if you are planning to take your baby with you on your travels – even if it is just a small walk from your house to the park – it is best to keep a hat with you always. You never know when your baby might need it, after all.

Apart from that, hats could provide a little more protection to your baby’s head – this is one of the most vulnerable body parts of your baby, meaning you should always keep it safe from harm.

Much like shirts, hats are found in various kinds. They could be generic ones or really cute ones that you could show off to your friends and family.



Truth be told, your newborn does not really need shoes. After all, this baby clothes from the Philippines is meant to protect the soles of the feet. But your baby will not be walking anytime sooner, which is why you could put off buying these items from the get-go.

However, you could start buying shoes to prepare for when they start walking (and running), you and your baby will definitely need this to protect their feet from harm.




Dresses are simply adorable for your little girl. These ones you could buy with different designs ranging from simple ones to really frilly and girly ones. The simple ones you could have your baby wear while you guys are just chilling at home or when you go visit the park, whereas the frilly ones you could have her wear them when you go out to the mall, to the church, or  to a nice meet-up with your parents. You could definitely use them to show off your little girl.

In the Philippines, baby clothes such as dresses are usually adored by the grandparents. Your child will surely receive a few extra kisses from grandma and grandpa, as well as some hugs and pinches on their cheeks from your other relatives. Your baby will easily become the apple of their eyes. After all, no one could resist a little girl in her cute, little dress.



Pajamas are some of the most common forms of baby clothes, as well as dresses, hats, and shoes. They allow your child to sleep comfortably while keeping them warm from the cold, especially if it is a bit chilly in your house. When it comes to the comfort of your baby, then this is one clothing article you should never disregard.

Pajamas are another baby clothes from the Philippines that has a lot of designs. Shops have ones that are solely for boys, for girls, or for both genders combined. Some of them even have pajamas that will make your baby look like a little bear or another little animal you could think of.


Socks and Mittens

Socks and Mittens

These kinds of baby clothes can really give your baby a boost in protection from the cold, but they could be used for aesthetic-purposes as well. In fact, socks and mittens are great to match any article of baby clothing, depending on the color, design, and the feel of it.

Apart from that socks could easily replace shoes on your newborn’s feet. Just be sure that when they turn old enough to walk, to add shoes in that equation to protect your infant’s feet when they started walking.



This form of baby clothing, especially in the Philippines’ rainy seasons, will definitely ensure protection for your baby from the cold. It will not only protect your child from the chill in the air, but also from the rain drops that might be falling on him. (Be sure to always have an umbrella ready during this season, you wouldn’t want your baby getting sick because of the rain).


They also come in different colors, designs, and are also made from different kinds of comfortable fabric to ensure that your baby won’t be irritated by it.


Bow Ties and Ribbons

Bow Ties and Ribbons

Bow ties are perfect for bringing your little boys to gatherings and parties – whether they are big or small. Just be sure to also get a nice shirt to pair with it so it won’t look out of place when you put them on your baby. Some parents even make sure to buy a few of these so that they could bring their little gentleman to different places, such as the church, the restaurant, or at his own Christening.

Ribbons, on the other hand, are perfect for little girls. You could use them as an accessory like a bracelet or a belt to add more detail to their outfit. However, they are mostly used to tie their hair, as soon as it is long enough. This will make sure that your baby’s hair does not go to their faces, which might cause some irritation.



Rompers come in numerous color and design. They often are labelled as boys’ clothing, but there are some shops that also have rompers that could be worn by your little girl.

This piece of clothing is very practical, as you no longer need two pieces of clothes to dress your baby with – you only really need one-piece for this one. They are very nice to wear during the day and during warm occasions, for they are often found with short sleeves.


Numerous Costumes

Numerous Costumes

This last piece of clothing in this list is the numerous costumes you could put on your child during different occasions. Although, Halloween is the best time to wear them, you could also have your baby wear them during birthday parties that require a costume and during photoshoots. For sure, the pictures you will take will be a great addition in your family’s photo album.


Why are these baby clothes a must-have?

These baby clothes are an essential in your baby’s well-being, especially when it comes to keeping your baby as comfortable as they can be. There is no shortage to the things you can do to provide comfort to your baby, as well as ensuring that everything you do is entirely for them. After all, we, the older generation, must make sure that the next and newer generations get as much nurturing as they need from us.

No matter how you look at it, clothing is one of the most important aspects of one’s everyday life. It keeps us safe from harm, keeps us warm, and allows us to express ourselves however we can.

Growing up is a beautiful thing, as well as giving birth to a new form of life Your baby should experience comfort in their life from the very moment they were born. You could provide that to them by giving the necessary items like baby clothes from the Philippines. For sure, this is something they will treasure once they get older.


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